A Tribute to the “King” Of Rock~N~Roll!

Own a piece of the circle G Ranch and become a VIP Patron of the Eternal Presence “EP” Theater—all for $200.00. You will receive a personalized land commitment, one square inch of the parcel of land known as the “Circle G Ranch” as conveyed to Elvis A. Presley by Warranty Deed dated February 22, 1967. You will also be indelibly inscribed in the records of the Eternal Presence Theater as a VIP Patron. In addition your purchase will entitle you to receive referral fees every time you refer someone else who joins our cause.

For five years, from 1977 until 1982, Graceland was closed to the public pending its future, leaving the fans no place to gather to honor the life of Elvis. At that time two acres were set aside out of the original Elvis Presley Ranch, which Elvis referred to as the “Circle G” in honor of his mother, Gladys. Here they created the very first eternal flame in his memory and fans from all over the world would come and visit this very special section of the “Circle G” Ranch.  You can now own a piece of this very special property.

An unprecedented opportunity now exists for millions worldwide. Honor and preserve the memory of Elvis A. Presley by not only owning a piece of his history but also contributing to a theater project that will further commemorate the legacy of the King of Rock~n~Roll.

In addition to this, your purchase will grant you exclusive VIP Patron online access to the introduction of the tribute documentary movie, “You Wouldn’t Let Me Die,” available for streaming online in over 192 countries.